Recommended Course of Action during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic global logistics and suplly chains have been severely affected. This is seen as shipping and handling are subject to prolonged schedules and different handling times – which are becoming the new norm and not negotiable. Therefore amongst others the definition of delay in terms of the policy needs to be closely evaluated.

The Marine Cargo Insurance provides you with cover for the unforeseeable event and inevitable circumstances. Thus the question arises is delay in the current environment still unforseeable and inevitable?

We encourage you to consider the following in order to ensure that cover under your current policy can be granted:

  • Check and document with your freight forwarder/ shipping line that the scheduled delivery to the final destination is performable
  • Confirm that all your shipments can be carried out and delivered to your final customer without any delays
  • Ensure direct contact with all the appointed partners in the logistic chain and regular updates about possible amendments to the transports
  • Create contingency planning in case of a breach of your logistic chain
  • Take measures for the preparation of your goods and the packaging in preparation of possible longer delays of the cargo/ containers
  • Check if any special approvals/ permits are necessary for the delivery of your cargo in quarantine/ locked down areas
  • More than ever act in all situations as the prudent un-insured and record your actions in terms of this
In order to facilitate the claims process and not jeopardise the policy cover, we highly recommend retaining any and all documentation as proof of your compliance with the aforesaid.