Specialised, tailor-made insurance concepts for ALL perishables and temperature controlled products

The SA\VE Cover is so much more than just All-Risks cover


Your product arrives in a perfect and sound condition despite a delay in transit. The market situation at destination has changed (arrival after Christmas, Chinese New Year, Eid-al-Fitr) and you are confronted with a significant drop in market prices. SAVE offers you protection against loss-in-market.


Your goods suffer a physical damage, affected by a delay in transit. SAVE offers protection against damages due to delay. The cover is from door-to-door. Inland transits at origin and at destination as well as the main sea/air/land transit are covered.

Cold-Treatment / Cold-Steri

SAVE provides cover for damages caused by non-completion of government stipulated cold-treatment regulations (i.e. USDA regulations). Due to this non-completion, the import may be denied or be delayed, as the cold-treatment has to run for a second time. Damages due to the delayed delivery of the goods or the necessity to sell and transport the product to a third part country are insured. Additional costs for transport, repetition of the cold-treatment and extra storage costs are covered.

Malfunction of CA-System (controlled atmosphere)

Damages due to interruption or malfunction of the controlled atmosphere are covered. Suffocation damages as well as other physical damages are covered.

Temperature fluctuations / Suffocation damages

We provide cover for damages due to loss of cooling capacity or excessive temperature fluctuations during transport. Incorrect settings of the unit by third parties as well as a malfunction of the cooling equipment are covered. SAVE also provides cover for suffocation damages due to incorrect settings of the ventilation

Global Surveyor-Network

SAVE works with independent surveyor-networks specialised in fruit inspections. With our “Head-Surveyor-System” a constant high quality in reporting is secured. Local surveyors will be supervised and controlled by the head-surveyor who is a qualified fruit-expert. He ensures that the survey is coordinated timeously and thatall relevant information is obtained by local surveyors. This is important for a quick and seemless claims settlement and also for recovery actions later on.

Insurance concepts for your specific needs

Fluctuations in Temperature, breakdown of cooling-systems, accidents due to heavy sea, collision or overturning and delays – Claims which occur during international transits can have a critical impact on your company.

With decades of experience in Marine Insurance, consulting and loss-prevention, SA\VE secures your company’s products against losses and damages during transits. With tailor-made insurance concepts we find the best protection for your company’s needs.

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Our worldwide network secures the best cover for your business

With teams in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Spain, South Africa and our worldwide surveyor-network, we offer you fast, local assistance with international best practice expertise and skill